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This is my Ludum Dare 47 Compo game. Controls are arrow keys and (HOLD) space bar. Controller is supported too. Don't know what to write because my brain is worms but I made everything in 48 hours including art and music bla blabl al bla bla blaalbblaballagbvmnosep

<<Important edit>>

So a friend just played the game which made me realize that I had made a tiny mistake which completely removed the final boss fight. I had disabled some objects for testing last minute and just forgot to enable them again. So the "fixed" version of the game does not add any new  content what so ever it just fixes that mistake so that the boss fight is in there again. I'm gonna leave the source code like it was when I submitted so that you can check the mistake out yourself. Just go look in the room "rSpace3" and look at the instances in the "Instances" layer. Really dumb mistake but this was during the last ten minutes were I was really stressed


kosmosrunda (fixed).zip 24 MB
project file for game maker studio 10 MB


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you are a great inspiration to me, good luck on your journey

Omg thank you! <3

s u r r e a l i s m

and, you nailed the audio design on this too!!! it was super fun to jump on one orbit to another and hear as if the planet was singing to you as you moved deeper and deeper into space <3


thank you so much! really glad you enjoyed it!