Game for Secret Santa Jam. 

I was really busy so I didn't have much time to make this but I'm still really happy with it! This game is an unofficial sequel to GTA V that improves on pretty much everything.

You play as Monkel, Michael from GTA V's uncle. 

Controls are WASD and mouse.

(Made in eight and a half hours)

(Updated the game with a bug fix)

(The game is really hard but try to beat my high score of 67, I will update this text if I get a better score)


Download 2 MB


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It's so hard to do high score but I enjoyed! nice game :D


Not even joking the beat is an actual bop. Genuinely vibing XD


"Better yet Tunishia call yo dawg *** if she ever stop ******* with that brain surgeon/lawyer she with"

No I'm not gonna say the last part you know what it is.



bruh the ending