A downloadable Demo for Windows and macOS

This is an early demo and a lot of things might change in the final game!

This is a demo for a game that has no name yet. I mainly want to see how easy or difficult players find the different movement tricks and just overall controls to be. If you have any feedback at all just leave it here in the comments!


Run - Arrow keys / D-pad

Jump - Z / bottom gamepad button

Bubble - X / left gamepad button

Pause - Escape / Start

Mac Instructions

This demo can only be played for Mac by using the Itch app! Download the app here: https://itch.io/app, navigate to this page in the app, install the game and you should be good to go!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, bubble, Cozy, crayon, Cute, Frogs, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


Frog Demo.zip 39 MB
FrogDemo.app.zip 45 MB


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It's silly how long it took me to finally try this demo out (it's been on my desktop for months now). Glad I finally did, since it was very fun! Special shoutout to the text system - it's got a lot of charm. I used the "press to charge press to release" bubble setup and it worked pretty well for me. All in all I'm very excited to see where this froggy will go in the future:)


Thank you! I'm hoping to get back to this game this year but we'll see!


I like this game. I think the bubble jump mechanic is a great speedrun material. Also i reached the "Hey" sign lol.

Impressive! Thank you for trying it :)


Yo I love this


Thank you so much! :)


hello! i had fun with this demo! i think the core idea - the bubbles and what you can accomplish with them - has a lot of potential. here are some things that held it back for me:

  • i couldn't tell when i could fire the bubble. a little sound cue or visual effect when it's ready would be great.
  • actually landing on bubbles was frustrating because of how slippery and floaty the protagonist is. an option that might be nice would be a fast fall/ground pound accomplished by holding down that just plummets you down in a straight line.
  • i didn't realize the flower was a warp and wandered around for a while : ( i imagine it's just a placeholder though?
  • considering how fast you move, it would be nice if the camera moved more to show where you're facing.

oh, and the graphics are super charming! but you already knew that. best of luck with development!


This is great feedback! There is a sound and a little white flash when the bubble is ready but it seems I need to make them more noticeable! I've been thinking about more movement options actually and that's not a bad idea at all! Also the camera thing is in there, it moves a little ahead of you but seems like that needs to be cranked up as well! 

Thanks for the kind words!


great game

i love the art style but the holes in the frog look weird 

controls great but the wall jump is a little too hard 

i think i found a bug when you go down slopes you go faster and it feels too snappy

keep it up!


Thank you! The slopes are a bit janky for sure I will definitely try to make them better!

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Lovely little platformer with great charm and graphics! Looking forward to the release!

Some things I noticed in the demo: 
- No joystick support (360 dpad is not the best)
- I don't know if it has an end but I could not learn to wall jump :(
- Maybe add so you can release bouble half way = half speed. it felt hard to get ahead of a bubble without a wall (maybe intended?)


Try going to the right! The whole level is accessible even without the tricky wall jumps! Joystick and key bindings are on the add list. Haven't thought about variable bubble speed depending on how long you hold but it could be interesting! I've thought about adding an accessibility option with stuff similar to that though!


I completely missed the warp :O